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Photographer & Filmmaker

Hello, I'm Jasmine! I have been obsessed with taking pictures and capturing moments since I was young. I really started to get into photography when my family went on an RV trip out west and I wanted to take pictures of all the beautiful landscapes we saw! Since then I have continued to do travel photography as well as landscapes and portraits. As long as I'm creating, I'm happy. 

I am a May 2021 graduate of Western Carolina University where I majored in Film & Television Production. Going into college, I knew I wanted to do both film and photography but I knew less about film, so I majored in it. In my three years at WCU I have improved as a filmmaker, photographer, and have found a direction for my work. I enjoy natural lighting, spontaneous moments, and capturing things that are beautiful and imperfect. Although I have found I enjoy studio work with artificial lighting and strategic posing too.

Currently based in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX!

Places that inspire me:

  • Central Florida including my hometown Lakeland

  • Western North Carolina

  • California

  • Deserts out west

  • National Parks

  • New York City



FB: Jasmine Hodgson Photography

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